Cinema Box is an app that helps you to play or watch movies, videos and any TV shows on your Smartphone. In this app, you can get your favorite movies and videos and it was made public by the Play Box HD. Which mean it is change the name from Play Box to Cinema BOX and now Cinema box is very popular in the App market after ShowBox.

Cinema Box is now available for both platforms iOS and Android. It also has many new features than the previous Play Box HD. There is a little change for iOS, as the developer modernized in the outward show of movies. But sometime Cinema Box app also has a setback, not working properly or some connection issue.

In that case Cinema box alternative is highly perfect to use.

Cinema box Alternative for iOS and Android


There are many cinemabox alternatives which are pertly a very helpful for users. So, to know the Cinema Box alternative and how they really works then you will see some of the of the Cinema Box alternative in the below given points respectively.

  • Sky HD

Sky HD is an app that is beautifully developed by the Cinema HD app. This App is one of the popular and best Cinema Box alternatives. Here, in this app you can watch or play any videos, Movies with high quality.

  • Movie Box

This is another one of the best cinema alternatives app and it is a perfect cinema box alternative app as well. Movie Box also the most excellent movie streaming app and subsequent to cinema box. This app comes with similar features of cinema box.

Here you can get pleasure to watch any of the movies whether an old movies or the latest movies. Also, while watching movies the app provides a subtitle and ratings. So, therefore it has been chosen as one of the best movie streaming app for both android and iOS platform.

  • Hulu

Hulu is another best cinema box alternative app for both iOS and android devices. Hulu app is also considers as one of the most excellent movie streaming apps. In this app you can also watch, play your favorite movies, videos and any TV series. It has all the facilities like the other movie streaming app have.

  • Crackle

For the last but not the list, here is another cinema box alternative Crackle app.  Like other cinema alternative app, Crackle app also comes with many fantastic features which let user non-stop watching their favorite movies.

Well, these are some of the best Cinema box alternative app for both iOS and Android platform. And as we have discussed already in the above that cinema box alternative is the other way to enjoy your favorite movies or videos, although Cinema box is not working properly. So, therefore, I hope from these given cinema alternative app you can take pleasure time on your Smartphone.